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Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying, selling or merging a business, are common ways to grow or diversify risks when opportunities or threats are identified in the market in order to give continuity to the business that you built up.

An M&A process for SMEs, usually involves the following steps:

  • Defining the strategy of buying or selling
  • Business valuation
  • Preparation of Information
  • Promotion of the transaction
  • Due diligence and negotiations
  • Closing

The acquisition or sale of a business is an intense and full of emotionality process, in which deal breakers need to be identified, as far as possible, in the earliest stages of the process.

Our products in M&A

ValorAcción offers you advisory services through every stage of an M&A process. We can help you with designing and valuating a M&A strategy, identifying and contacting M&A potential targets, participating in the negotiations and guiding you to the closing and post-closing of the transaction.

Likewise, partial stages of the M&A process may be hired. ValorAcción offers creative and flexible solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client in their strategic processes of M&A.

Preparation of a document describing the company that provides to a potential buyer or investor, with certain information needed to make a purchase or investment decision about the company. It is a complex document containing all operational, financial and strategic information while also highlighting the opportunities that this acquisition may bring to the potential buyer and should be performed in close collaboration with the company.

The information memorandum is useful for any company embarking on a sale process as it provides preliminary information to potential buyers, avoiding company managers with unnecessary and repetitive distractions. Before drafting, it is important to analyze to whom it will be addressed.

Delivery of information through the latest technologies, which is both organized and relevant for the decision making process of a potential buyer, . The service provides recommendations of leading VDR solutions providers, negotiates the appointment of the selected provider, coordinates the selection and upload of documents as well as, manages the different levels of permissions to view, download or edit documents for each type of user.

In addition to the information memorandum, the VDR provides the potential buyer with necessary information having the goal of obtaining a formal expression of interest prior to the presentation of a Letter of Intent (LOI). It ensures that all interested candidates receive information that is both transparent and symmetric.

Coordination of the process to assess contingent risks of a business and determine the existence of hidden, actual or potential liabilities, among others. Includes, if required, coordination of Due diligence process with other advisors involved (lawyers, auditors, tax experts and labor).

The basic function of a due diligence is to value the assets and liabilities of the company by investigating significant aspects of its past, present and foreseeable future, with the intention of readjusting, if so required, the transaction price.