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Selling a company is a way out of retirement situations, lack of successors or liquidity problems, in any case it is a complex and demanding process

The success of a business sale operation depends to a large extent on how the operation is structured, the identification and location of buyers with resources and the professional management of the entire process until its closing. If you are thinking of selling your company we can advise you throughout the process to achieve a successful transaction.

We advise you to successfully close the sale of your company and capture a large part of the value of the operation

  1. Includes the sale of companies, productive assets or business units as well as the search of operating or financial partners for capital increase,
  2. A comprehensive action plan with all necessary tasks for the successful execution of the transaction, from the design, identification, and contact candidates to the negotiations and closing of the transaction.

  1. Preparation of the business plan and financial projections,
  2. Preparation of all documentation to present to potential investors
  1. Information Memorandum,
  2. Financial Due diligence and coordination with professionals from other due diligence disciplines (labor, legal, tax, commercial),
  3. Business valuation.


We support you to successfully close the sale of your business, from operation design, the preparation of the documentation and business valuation, to contact with candidates, negotiations, and closing of the transaction.

Mitigate risks

  1. Information leaks, loss of confidentiality and distraction of your company personnel
  2. Exhausting and unsuccessful negotiations
  3. Losses of capital or opportunities in the market

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