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Financial plans and budgets are essential tools to make informed business decisions

Business plans should be adapt to new changing circumstances in consumers behavior affecting the operative and financial performance of your business. To address these challenges, your company’s financial plan should quantify the potential impact on your business key variables to make right and timely decisions.

We advise you for the financial plan of your company guides your business decisions

Financial projection models

  1. Economic and financial viability analysis of the investment or project,
  2. Identification of the value drivers,
  3. Growth goals in sales, operating margins, investment and, financing,
  4. Assessment of the impact on the company’s equity value of operational and financial business decisions.
  1. Assessment and operational and financial plan to face crises situations:
    • Working capital cycle and possible risks with suppliers,
    • Direct costs control and impact on general margins,
    • Monitoring pressures that may be affecting company stakeholders (customers, suppliers, contractors or, partners), among others,
    • Preparation of the continuity plan.

Business plans and budgets

  1. Formulation or reformulation of the company’s financial plan,
  2. Scenarios development to determine the potential impact of specific situations on financial performance to make business decisions.
  1. Formulation or reformulation of the budget,
  2. Periodic comparative analysis of deviations to make timely decisions or take corrective measures.
  1. Financial analysis results to highlight the KPIs and management indicators evolution impacting on financial results,
  2. Support on evaluating possible courses of action in case of deviations.


We can help you with tasks as formulating plans and budgets, financial projections models, analysis of ratios and KPIs and, analysis of scenarios and courses of action for your business.

Mitigate risks

  1. Financial losses due to falling turnover.
  2. Business interruption or disappearance.
  3. Hostile purchase of your business in a weak situation by competitors.

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