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Through buying businesses, risks can be diversified and business plans accelerated, but to buy the right company requires analysis and experience

Buying a business successfully must take into account a good strategic analysis of the buyer, the resources available, the structure of the operation, and the analysis of the competitive position of the buyer and the target company. If you are thinking of buying a company, we can advise you throughout the process so that you can achieve it successfully.

We advise you for buying a company be an accelerator for the growth of your business

  1.  Market screening to identify acquisition targets
  2. Search for information, research, and analysis of markets and competitors in a specific economic sector on a particular geographical area,
  3. Prioritization of candidates in order to obtain a shortlist of potential “targets” that facilitate strategic decision-making for the following phases of the process,
  4. Contact with candidates if required.
  1. Search, selection, and contacts with potential target companies to acquire,
  2. Comprehensive action plan with all the necessary tasks for the successful execution of the transaction, from the design, identification, and contact with candidates to the negotiations and closing of the transaction.
  1. Information memorandum
  2. Financial due diligence and coordination with other due diligence professionals from other disciplines (labor, legal, tax, commercial),
  3. Business valuation.


We can help you with the tasks of identifying candidates that fit the strategy of your business plan, contacts, analysis of the target companies, and negotiations.

Mitigate risks

  1. Lost opportunities
  2. Exhausting negotiations
  3. Hostile purchase of your business in a weak situation by competitors.

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