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Business valuation is an essential aspect of price negotiations when buying and selling a company

The value of a company is different for different buyers and the seller due to diverse perceptions about the future. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, a business valuation facilitates you having rational arguments about the key business variables value. Also, in the case of buying a company, the target company valuation will help you detect immediate work areas once the transaction is complete.

Our advice includes the use of rigorous and accepted methodologies in the market

Other assets valuations

  1. Formulation of the brand valuation model,
  2. Criteria for valuing,
  3. Brand value calculation.
  1. Formulation of the financial and business projections model,
  2. Valuation criteria,
  3. Start-up value calculation.

Business valuation

  1. Development of the financial model and projected financial statements to value the business according to the specific needs:
    • of mature companies operating in stable economic sectors and in which no significant changes are expected neither in their competing sectors nor their financial results compared to the obtained historically or,
    • to prepare a purchase/sale transaction between participants from the same or similar economic sectors and in which changes expected in its future evolution could potentially impact their value as an ongoing concern or,
    • to undertake negotiation processes in a purchase/sale transaction, with participants from different economic sectors and requiring to know the potential behavior of the main critical variables of the business,
  2. Calculation of the discount rate and of the value range,
  3. Scenarios and sensitivity analysis,
  4. Compare results to other methodologies,
  5. Valuation report.
  1. Analysis of the third-party projections model,
  2. Coherence and consistency analysis of the hypothesis considered in the model,
  3. Fairness opinion report.


We put at your disposal our experience and specialized knowledge to carry out the business valuation you need, based on professional methods that identify the elements generating value for the business.

MItigate risks

  1. Losses of capital or investment opportunities due to overvalue or undervalue errors,
  2. Valuation errors due to the use of inappropriate methods,
  3. Poor negotiations due to lack of information.

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