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Business valuation

When a business valuation is needed, it is good not to confuse value and price. The latter is the amount at which the seller and the buyer agree to make a transaction. However, a company has different values to different buyers and seller, due among other factors to perceptions about the future of the sector and the company, different strategies, economies of scale and complementarity.

To value businesses with continuity expectations, we rely primarily on the Discounted Cash Flow method that considers the company as a cash flow generating entity and its value, assuming that it will not be liquidated, comes from its ability to generate money.

Our products in Business valuation

ValorAcción offers you products that best fit your needs in business valuation. Our Initial Valuation, Complete Valuation and Customized Valuation, have been created with the intention of fulfilling specific requirements regarding the level of detail requested. In all cases, you will be provided with information based on generally accepted valuation methodologies in order to have an opinion about the value of your company.