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Financing should be adequate to the business operations and the balance sheet position of your company

We advise you on how much financing your company or project needs, which is the most convenient, of what type, where should you look for it and, how to apply with the most relevant financial information. They are actions aiming to support you to start a business, transform it or, continue growing sustainedly by establishing financing conditions suitable to your company or project payment capacity.

We advise you for your business financing fits to your operations

Short term financing

  1. Development of cash flow models to reflect different short-term scenarios and anticipate decisions.
  1. Arrangement of dossiers and management of loan applications,
  2. Support until the loan or requested instrument is grant.
  1. Regular financial projections to cover daily cash flows and predict pressures on cash flow to act timely.

Long term financing and debt restructuring

  1. Formulation of financial models to establish financing needs and debt payment scenarios for:
    • Investments in fixed assets to adapt supply to possible changes in demand behavior
    • Investments aimed at the digital transformation of the company
    • Investments destined to R + D + I
    • Other projects related to your company.
  1. Arrangement of dossiers and management of financing applications:
    • Presentation and selection of the financing options, aids and grants available, that best adapt to the situation and post-crisis plans of the company: ICO loans, ENISA loans, loan guarantees and guarantees, participative loans, corporate ventures, other institutions.
  2. Support until the loan or requested instrument is grant
  1. Reformulation of financial models to reflect changes in hypotheses or the company´s operating scenarios to set new conditions adapted to new scenarios,
  2. Early dialogue with creditors (banks, key providers) to obtain temporary improvements in financing facilities (payment and grace periods, review of interest rates, etc.),
  3. Provision of the term sheet,
  4. Coordination and support in negotiations with creditors.
  1. Periodic comparative analysis of operative cash flow financial projections with current results, to observe deviations and make early decisions.
  1. Provision of business documentation and financial projections to be presented to potential private investors,
  2. Contact and presentations to potential private investors,
  3. Support in negotiations and closing of the financing.


We can help you with tasks as cash flow projections, financial modeling, medium and long-term financial projections and, management of financing facilities.

Mitigate risks

  1. Losses of personal wealth, guaranteeing loans of your company.
  2. Reputational, by honoring commitments made.
  3. Decapitalization of your company.

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