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Finance: key business information

Analyzing financial information is vital for your company to grow sustained and to ensure the financial health of the business.

When planning, we try to minimize risks and take advantage of the opportunities and the financial resources available, deciding in advance the needs of capital and other resources and their proper allocation to achieve the best combination among profitability and financial risk.

The planning process includes the design of the strategy (Set up of goals, scenarios, alternatives, selection) and implementation (plans and budgets) and the activities for strategic and financial planning are:

Long-term planning: Financial projection models for 5 or more years to evaluate scenarios for business units, products, investments and divestitures, plans validation, sensitivity and scenario analysis;

Corporate Development: Models development to analyzed transactions M&A, divestitures, joint ventures, operating structure design and analysis of synergies and assessment of the impact from a particular transaction impact on corporate plans;

Short-term planning: Monthly / quarterly projections models, analysis of actual results on projections, deviation analysis, readjusting projections and rolling forecast;

Treasury: Analysis of ratios and covenants, target capital structure, share buybacks, macroeconomic scenarios and interest rate, financing and refinancing.

All these services can be outsourced.

ValorAcción has the capability to be your external Financial Planning department to meet the particular needs of your company.