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Buying a company to accelerate the growth of a business

The early stages of your business, exist and survive, have been accomplished. Now, you want to take your business to the next level. At this point, you may decide to continue growing and accelerate this process through Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by reinvesting the resources generated by your business.

Acquiring a company or merging with another, are common ways to grow, to diversify risks when opportunities or threats are identified in the market or, to continue the project that you built. This is called an inorganic growth strategy which, if it is successful turns into a significant growth or the continuity of your business operations. Through M&A, companies can access new sales channels, enter new markets or acquire key skills and resources for its future prosperity.

The success of an M&A transaction depends largely on how the opportunity is structured, taking into account the resources of the business, the legal and macroeconomic environment and the analysis of the competitive position of the buyer and the target company, by doing an objective assessment of the transaction which often requires specialized advice in M & A. In the midterm, the success of an M&A will rely on how the involved companies are integrated to achieve the business goals that were drawn up during the process of analysis and making the decision.

An M&A process properly analyzed and structured can be a way to strengthen, grow or continue your business.

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